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Quick update – RAW COMEDY

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Last night, Bonnie Davies and I progressed through our West Australian heat for RAW COMEDY, so in 5-6 weeks it will be time for the semi-finals.

Thanks to everyone who came to show their support and for everyone who has since sent thankyou messages.

In particular, thanks to Ms Pemberton, Ms Scott-Norman and Ms Berger for their support and pushing me to get up onstage and have a crack at it, and to Mr Montague for taking the time to advise me on how to do it better.

Onwards and (trending) upwards.

Raw Comedy 2010


Written by Xab

Friday, January 15, 2010 at 10:34 am

IN CONVERSATION WITH… My Conjoined Comedy Foetus

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AUDIO available courtesy of RTRFM.

This week’s song dedicated to the very long gestation period between becoming a comedian and performing a gig.

This is me and Peter Barr. It is also why we predominantly work in radio and print.

This is me and Peter Barr. It is also why we predominantly work in radio and print.

Peter, it’s been three years
We’ve been in this little room
It’s kind of like a womb
And you’re my conjoined foetus

When you laugh, I laugh
We don’t know what the listeners do
We hope that they are laughing too
Because they complete us

Without an audience we’re just voices in the air
But I think part of the deal is that we’re
Funnier, when we’re not there

In their bathroom, in their bedroom
Where they keep their radios
Our disembodied voices
Go where our conjoined foetus bodies cannot go…

But three years is a really long time
For me to be a comedian, who never plays live
And I won’t lie, it’s probable that this will hurt a bit
But when it’s done,
You can go to Deathcab while I play my first gig

It’s on Thursday, so on Wednesday
I suggest we separate
My wife suggested pliers
Or non-surgical serration

While it’s hard for you and me
To think of lives on our own
I think that our respective partners
Will be happier when we’re closer to full grown

Out of this womb onto a stage I will appear
Raw Comedy’s the place to be
But a Death Cab will not take you there

You’re my favourite conjoined foetus
You’re the best I’ve ever had
There were one or two before you
I absorbed them when I got mad

But never you, not in this womb
You’ve been so good to me
So though I’m going solo
Rest assured that I will come back next week

Without an audience we’re just voices in the air…

SUPPLEMENTAL: Death Cab for Cutie are AWESOME.


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Dear God in Heaven (or similar)… I’ve entered RAW COMEDY and will be performing in Heat #7 on Thursday, February 19 — a mere two and a half weeks away.

Wish me luck (or similar).

Raw Comedy

Raw Comedy

Written by Xab

Monday, February 2, 2009 at 11:30 am

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