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OK… The plan is that I’m back in the saddle with the satirical musical comedy again. And for this, we have the internal machinations of the Liberal Party to thank.

So if you don’t like it, blame Abbott. Or Enigma. Or Anakin.

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I’m the mad monk Abbott, the Liberal hat produced a rabbit,
I’m a real Rhodes Scholar, an attack dog off the collar
I don’t take no Turnbull,  I lead the Liberals
A man without a plan but I’m conservative and cool

My opponents say that I’m deranged, I don’t believe in climate change
I’m not an economic juggler, check out my new budgie smugglers
Forget about Hockey; I rode him like a jockey
The new campaign is more of the same

Seize the Opus Dei (don’t beat yourself up)
Seize the Opus Dei

I’m licenced to spill as the new Liberal
You know I’m pro-life but I’m going to kill K-Rudd
At the election, it’s natural selection
God forgive me; that sounds like Darwinism!

Seize the Opus Dei (don’t beat yourself up)
Seize the Opus Dei

Not all of my colleagues believe in resurrection
But those of them that do are on the front bench
I’m a man on a mission with my mate Nick Minchin
And Bishop and Bishop are my main two bitches

The Nats can rejoice they’ve got Barnaby Joyce
And Phillip Ruddock is in charge of Immigration choices
Seize the Opus Dei
Seize the Opus Dei…



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This is the song I performed the day after Mother’s Day.
It’s the first time I’ve ever seen Barr nervous while I was playing…
Maybe abortion isn’t the best singing topic before 7.00am on a Monday morning…


Are you crazy for RU486?
Its a little pill that solves some problems
That arise from sex

Health regulators said its OK
But the Government wanted another way,
Who should get the power of veto…
Wait a second… I think I know!

There’s a lady, who just might get it right
You’ll say I’m crazy but with hindsight you’ll see
That I’ve seen the light…

If she knew then what she knew now
And had that power, I must wonder how…
Mrs Abbot, would you have bothered
If you’d know you’d be Tony’s mother?

Sometimes motherhood ain’t all its supposed to be
You could end up with a Johhny, or a little right wing Tony,
Life’s not fair… I think there’s half a chance she’d spare us
‘Cos you and I, we’re sinners all
But even we don’t deserve to be…
The parents of young Liberals

Tony Abbot, if you’re so sure that you’re right
Give your mum the power of veto, the pill, a time machine
and say goodnight…

And as you retroactively
Buy the farm
I’ll be propagating with a girl I met
While reading the Qu’ran


Personally, I’m of the opinion that you’re all intelligent people who don’t need things explained to them, but I was also wondering if it would be worth creating hyperlinks within the lyrics to point out the news items that inspire these tunes…

Cuz I’m a sweet transtextual, from meta-stralia… a-ha

Written by Xab

Wednesday, May 31, 2006 at 5:30 am