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Doctor Who – new series

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Well, I guess I think it was pretty good… maybe a little weird to accept that the things I didn’t totally connect with are because I’m going to be 32 in a couple of months and Dr Who is (and must be) a children’s show… I guess I’m grateful that there was still enough in it for me to enjoy, while remaining true to the spirit of the show…

Is that what makes this retro-revival media zeitgeist so hard to accept some of the time (I’m thinking Star Wars here, among others)?

Anyway, it didn’t give me geekasms — thankyou for the word,  Ratty — but I feel I’m going to enjoy it.

By the way, and of you self-affirming geeks out there with ADSL may want to tune in to Ratty’s podcast, available at, I listen to it pseudo-religiously.

SW ROTS tomorrow…

It kind of feels good to have touched base with you all again…. even though I don’t know if you are all still out there.


Written by Xab

Saturday, May 21, 2005 at 2:45 am

I am still alive.

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Yes indeedy, I am still alive… but in such a different way.

Almost three months since my last real entry!

Three months during which I have been working a “real” journalism job.

Still try to do some writing for Beat when I can, and I’m finding that I’m being a little less considered and more enthusiastic in my reviews… which is interesting in a sense… now that “music” isn’t my work, I have a real passion for it at the moment…

Listening to: “In Motion” by Copeland; “Revelations” by Red Jezebel; “From The Sea” by Eskimo Joe; “HUNKY DORY” by David Bowie…

Spending time with: my work; my daughter; my girlfriend; the Big Hoo-Ha impro comedy group; my Robert.

Also, have made friends with a couple of people at work… Noodles, Mata and Steve R.

Life is so different… always tired, but being responsible for the first time in my life has its own rewards, I guess.

DOCTOR WHO! in half an hour…. Fourth Floor Collapse’s going away gig tonight, SW ROTS tomorrow… all good.

Rumours of my becoming a gay icon are “slightly” exaggerated.

Leave a message… I wonder how many of you I’ve lost.