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Favourite Searches

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I’ve decided to add this list of some of the more entertaining search phrases that bring the unwary to this site.

While musicians and occultists will know that my first name is both a cymbal and a symbol, it is also one typo away from being the name of a mechanised sex toy, which can skew the results.

UPDATE: 28/01/10 – I am disturbed by the sudden increase of search phrases that indicate that people are actually looking for me. This page could be doomed.

This page will be updated as the searches keep coming.

thermonuclear explosion

stand by to ram

dangerous pirate

sabian then fuck anal

self righteous sea shepherd

life of a foetus comedy

hutchence strapon paula

xab fucking with*

peter barr is an asshole

sabian pleasure

eskimo joe gay

powerfully built men

* I suspect someone did this search just to please me.


Written by Xab

Wednesday, July 8, 2009 at 1:38 pm

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