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IN CONVERSATION WITH… 2008 (Year in Review)

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081216-2008inreview-tight (Audio)

History will show, ’07 belonged to Kevin
But now we’re in ’08, and its time to contemplate
Did we go from bad to worse — is that trend in reverse?
How did we get from there to here? Take a look back on the year…

If it somehow fell to me to write this year in history
I’d have to note we’re contrary to all the other trends I see

The US sent a black man to the White House
But locally we re-elect The Dormouse
Who’d like some yellow-cake with his tea

Say can you see Kevin went ahead and said sorry
That was back in Februrry, nothing rhymes with February
When you say it propruary — next step was voluntary
When he signed the Kyoto Treaty, greenies thought he was the bee’s knees

When I’m writing history, I’ll give out what I get
Yesterday Kev pissed upon carbon reduction targets

In May we had a $20 billion surplus
And signs of an impending credit crisis
Now our banks are all guaranteed
Next comes the deficit we had to have, you’ll see…

Olympic Games? The Chinese apple of the media’s eye
Unless they want to televise, or get the news up on the net
What the hell did you expect, when there’s no democracy
The censors choose what you can see – déjà vu or is that just me?

I’m not rewriting history, just picking out the bits that struck a chord with me
I know not everyone will agree with me

Because the highest rating story of the year, you betcha
Was the death of Heath Ledger, followed by
An update on the death of Heath Ledger
Followed by Should Ricky Ponting lead the cricket team
That was SMH, not me.



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There was a boy from Bunbury who joined the seething mass
When he won the preselection for the Liberal seat of Vasse
From underneath the sitting member, set the tone for his agenda
Cos the sitting member stands for all his seat
And the seat that no-one else could stand
Would lead to his defeat

Yes, Sniffy’s finally snuffed it
Yes he’s gone and kicked the bucket
Cos the chair he put his nose on
Didn’t have a leg to stand on
The joke was tasteless, you could tell
But it raised a stink, My God, the smell…
Makes you wonder who the Liberals have got?
Who will sit in Buswell’s seat and try and take their shot?

How much do you think you’d do if the Opposition Leader was you?
The economy is going strong the state is rich, there’s not that much wrong
How much do you think you’d do?

The pollsters say it’s Barnett and it’s possible the Libs may yet
Take one more chance to resurrect the single-handed architect
Of the “Far Canal”, from North to South – It was going to save us from the drought
But an early election the Libs have cause to fear
Cos the voters might just think, “there’s been a lot of rain this year”…

How much do you think you’d do if the Opposition Leader was you?
Omodei has gone away and Birney‘s been quite surly
Since his leadership got led astray
How much do you think you’d do?

Dr Nelson might need a job soon….
Dr Nelson might need a job soon….