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OK… The plan is that I’m back in the saddle with the satirical musical comedy again. And for this, we have the internal machinations of the Liberal Party to thank.

So if you don’t like it, blame Abbott. Or Enigma. Or Anakin.

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I’m the mad monk Abbott, the Liberal hat produced a rabbit,
I’m a real Rhodes Scholar, an attack dog off the collar
I don’t take no Turnbull,  I lead the Liberals
A man without a plan but I’m conservative and cool

My opponents say that I’m deranged, I don’t believe in climate change
I’m not an economic juggler, check out my new budgie smugglers
Forget about Hockey; I rode him like a jockey
The new campaign is more of the same

Seize the Opus Dei (don’t beat yourself up)
Seize the Opus Dei

I’m licenced to spill as the new Liberal
You know I’m pro-life but I’m going to kill K-Rudd
At the election, it’s natural selection
God forgive me; that sounds like Darwinism!

Seize the Opus Dei (don’t beat yourself up)
Seize the Opus Dei

Not all of my colleagues believe in resurrection
But those of them that do are on the front bench
I’m a man on a mission with my mate Nick Minchin
And Bishop and Bishop are my main two bitches

The Nats can rejoice they’ve got Barnaby Joyce
And Phillip Ruddock is in charge of Immigration choices
Seize the Opus Dei
Seize the Opus Dei…



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There was a boy from Bunbury who joined the seething mass
When he won the preselection for the Liberal seat of Vasse
From underneath the sitting member, set the tone for his agenda
Cos the sitting member stands for all his seat
And the seat that no-one else could stand
Would lead to his defeat

Yes, Sniffy’s finally snuffed it
Yes he’s gone and kicked the bucket
Cos the chair he put his nose on
Didn’t have a leg to stand on
The joke was tasteless, you could tell
But it raised a stink, My God, the smell…
Makes you wonder who the Liberals have got?
Who will sit in Buswell’s seat and try and take their shot?

How much do you think you’d do if the Opposition Leader was you?
The economy is going strong the state is rich, there’s not that much wrong
How much do you think you’d do?

The pollsters say it’s Barnett and it’s possible the Libs may yet
Take one more chance to resurrect the single-handed architect
Of the “Far Canal”, from North to South – It was going to save us from the drought
But an early election the Libs have cause to fear
Cos the voters might just think, “there’s been a lot of rain this year”…

How much do you think you’d do if the Opposition Leader was you?
Omodei has gone away and Birney‘s been quite surly
Since his leadership got led astray
How much do you think you’d do?

Dr Nelson might need a job soon….
Dr Nelson might need a job soon….