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OK… The plan is that I’m back in the saddle with the satirical musical comedy again. And for this, we have the internal machinations of the Liberal Party to thank.

So if you don’t like it, blame Abbott. Or Enigma. Or Anakin.

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I’m the mad monk Abbott, the Liberal hat produced a rabbit,
I’m a real Rhodes Scholar, an attack dog off the collar
I don’t take no Turnbull,  I lead the Liberals
A man without a plan but I’m conservative and cool

My opponents say that I’m deranged, I don’t believe in climate change
I’m not an economic juggler, check out my new budgie smugglers
Forget about Hockey; I rode him like a jockey
The new campaign is more of the same

Seize the Opus Dei (don’t beat yourself up)
Seize the Opus Dei

I’m licenced to spill as the new Liberal
You know I’m pro-life but I’m going to kill K-Rudd
At the election, it’s natural selection
God forgive me; that sounds like Darwinism!

Seize the Opus Dei (don’t beat yourself up)
Seize the Opus Dei

Not all of my colleagues believe in resurrection
But those of them that do are on the front bench
I’m a man on a mission with my mate Nick Minchin
And Bishop and Bishop are my main two bitches

The Nats can rejoice they’ve got Barnaby Joyce
And Phillip Ruddock is in charge of Immigration choices
Seize the Opus Dei
Seize the Opus Dei…


IN CONVERSATION WITH… A Stimulating Package

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An eye to the hand that says hobs.

An eye to the hand that says jobs. (Img AAP/Alan Porritt)


Malcolm Turnbull’s racing down the charts
He’s trying to break your bleeding hearts
He’s trying to fudge the stimulus
To stop the cash getting to us

He says the money won’t be spent
In ways that help the Government
Won’t help our brand new deficit
Just drive us deeper into $200 billion in debt

He’s a man who favours tax breaks
If you get to keep your job
Unemployment’s 4.5%
But set to grow into an angry mob
Who won’t get anything
Despite all of these stimulating
Packages and taxes
At least we’ll insulate the Upper House

Perhaps it keeps the hot air in
Our contribution to this global warming thing
To offset infrastructure that supports mining
Yeah we’re building a better tomorrow
That looks like yesterday

There is a sense of urgency
You can hear it in Rudd’s plea
To move this package through the house
Without mucking it about

But Turnbull is a money man
Not used to spending out of hand
Jobs are the future we agree
So stimulate this package responsibly

It’s a stimulating package
It’s like Thorpie in Speedos
The pearl necklace will have to wait
Until we see which way this package goes
But all the polls agree
Rudd looks like he’s sitting pretty
Packages and taxes
Perhaps they’ll even work let’s wait and see…

The bit that I don’t understand
Is spending billions we don’t have
In lots of one grand
And who lends us the money?
What’s their interest plan?
Feels like we’re borrowing
A better tomorrow
Like we did yesterday.