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We hold these truths to be self-evident
That on the first day God made heaven and earth
And on day two, the firmament

Dry land rose up on day three
But the fourth day doesn’t make much sense to me

Let there be light over the firmament
He made the sun and moon, they’re permanent

So tell me how he counted out the days, from one to three
Before the sun, before the moon and without gravity

I’m going to the Creation Museum my friends
To see how all this science fits in with god’s plan
I’ll see dinosaurs and humans, in perfect harmony
And learn about the lies we’re told by paleontology

I’m going to… I’m going to the
Creation Museum

Descartes once said, ‘I think therefore I am’
But God’s word is much simpler – ‘I am that I am’
And who am I to question God, when all we need is faith
And twenty seven million bucks of

Robotic displays and a video of Adam
Played by a guy who runs a site, with his bedroom webcam
He’s called the bedroom acrobat – God loves us all, but possibly
not that

I’m going to the Creation Museum, my friends
To learn about the Flood and how it made the Grand Canyon
Forget about erosion – that’s the science of fear
Remember that we’ve only been here for six thousand years

We’re going to… We’re going to the
Creation Museum

Let me drop all my cynical pretenses
I’m a man that has no faith, if I’ve a soul it is defenseless
I’ll not deny there’s wisdom, in most of the Commandments
But the Word of God’s a funny thing, that changes with the Testaments
And I don’t believe that I’m well received
When I speak of all philosophy as just a means of simply being – here

I hold this truth to be self-evident
Science never disproved God, even if that was its intent
But Christians on a crusade against science
Simply work hard to deny us

The right to think, the right to free will
That thing that was supposed to make us more than animals

Not going to the Creation Museum my friends
It’s possible I’ll go to hell, we’ll see who’s laughing then…


Written by Xab

Tuesday, October 14, 2008 at 1:18 am


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I’ve got a cold, the kind of cold that God got
When he sneezed out the world in a stream of phlegm and snot
It’s a funny universe, but who would have guessed
That we wouldn’t be here if God had reached the Kleenex

God had a cold and he must have had His reasons
Yes, Great Scott! We’re Holy Snot – Let’s phlegm it up for Jesus
So never wonder why mankind can spread like a disease
We’re a viral outer spiral and the Big Bang was a sneeze

Did you hear me right? Did I hear you say Gesundheit?
‘Bless you’ says this shortly: ‘Blessed be the One Who Sneezed’
You just need to have faith You can’t refute this
Wrapped up in God’s Love, warm and safe inside His mucus.

Yes I’ve heard the superstition — the sneeze is a biological form of exorcism
The body blowing out the demons
that were hidden deep within them

But I say ‘NAY!’ It’s Pre-natal
Life gestating in the nasal
Cavity, that is my belief
The Foundation of my theology
But it’s hard to sing when you can barely breathe

I’ve got a cold, the kind of cold that God got
And I’m going to grow some cultures from these samples of my snot
It’s a funny universe, there might be more than one
We’ve always known that I was sick, this is the manifestation

I’ve got a cold.

Written by Xab

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 at 8:24 am