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IN CONVERSATION WITH… Clumsy: What I Have Is Gold II

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AUDIO (Courtesy of RTRFM): Click HERE to listen to me approach a cover of Halogen, Clumsy, clumsily.

Last night’s gig went swimmingly… very happy to be amongst it again.

For the record, my setlist was as follows:

Autopilot: What You’ve Got Pt. I & II
Red Jezebel: Find Our Way Back Home
Fourth Floor Collapse: Primary School
Halogen: Clumsy

Highlights (of the rest of the evening) include my first chance to see a young singer/songwriter called Timothy Nelson, appearing around the traps with The Infidels. What a great voice, and some neat chops on keys and guitar.

Jake Snell went even more retro than me, with Header, Ammonia and Flanders — luckily, I had decided not to play Anky Fremp — how embarrassment would that have been… would have been worse than me turning up in the same outfit as Abbe May.

Also noteworthy, Ms May — one of the only people who didn’t appear to have pneumonia (rocking or otherwise), according to my guestlist —  played a cover of Eskimo Joe’s Liar that inspired a strange reaction from the audience… finger-snaps are percussive, yet these seemed imbued with sarcasm as expressive as the lady’s voice.

Apparently there’s a desk recording that will be available in the near future…

In the meantime, here’s a desk recording of my RTRFM appearance yesterday on Breakfast With Barr, covering Halogen.

Clumsy’s an odd looking word, really when you look at it. Is there a word for ‘visual onomatopœia’?


And of course, rescpect to Tania, who has been keeping the flag flying at the Hydey up to this sad point.

Eternal thanks also to Hayley Beth for giving me the spot (get up and fight, kiddo)  and to Nick Taylor, for loaning a guitar worth more than my life and far beyond my ability to play with any sense of justice.

Thanks also to Steve and Hugh, who turned up too late to hear me murder their song. Sweet kids.

What’s next?

Well, let me just say: Bob gave rock’n’roll to ya…


Something special

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This Tuesday, I’m honoured to have the opportunity to perform live at the Hyde Park Hotel for What I Have is Gold II, a night dedicated to the incredible songs that have come out of Perth over the last couple of decades.

For Facebookers, the info is here:

In essence, it will be local artists playing covers of local artists and it promises to be a good night for punters.

For me, it’s the opportunity to demonstrate something I never felt I was able to adequately express in all my years of music journalism — exactly how much I love music and how deeply I respect the talent of the hundreds of songwriters that by and large, most people will never hear of or about.

In recent years, Perth has been more successful than usual with its ‘shout it from the rooftops’ approach of publicising it’s local musicians, but the real local music devotee (regardless of where they come from) must come to terms with the fact that the vast majority of their favourite tunes will fade into near obsolescent obscurity the moment that the band in question calls it a day.

Local stations such as RTRFM, which pride themselves on unearthing new talent, play a massively important role in the promotion of new artists/bands: this necessarily means that once a band has folded, the impetus or excuse to play the ‘best song of last year’ is exponentially undermined with each new artist that requires their assistance… and that’s as it should be, for the most part.

But on Tuesday night — possibly (at least rumoured to be) the last night of live local music at the public bar ‘fuck no, we don’t have a stage‘  institution that has been the Hydey front bar — I’ll be taking the opportunity to pay homage to some of my favourite bands and songs of yesteryear… (with one notable exception).

It’ll also be my first non-comedy solo show in 6 years.  It’ll be my privilege to play, and a pleasure to see you there if you’re able.

Me as the angsty, mysterious artist... Early morning in a barn being renovated in rural France (outside Poitiers). Cool as fuck, moi.

Me as the angsty, mysterious artist... Early morning in a barn being renovated in rural France (outside Poitiers). Cool as fuck, moi.

No Mercy

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Current Music: Fourth Floor Collapse — Drink ’til You Drown
Current Mood: productive

OK, there’s no forgiving what I’ve done. I’ve not written for months…  and so much has happened.

I’m getting married, and we have bought and moved in to a house.

Oh yeah… and I started gym this week.

My life, as we knew it, may well be over… I’m a responsible human being. Most of the time.

Written by Xab

Saturday, January 14, 2006 at 4:14 am

I am still alive.

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Current Music: The Lost Patrol — My Heart Is Still A Mess

Current Mood: tired

Yes indeedy, I am still alive… but in such a different way.

Almost three months since my last real entry!

Three months during which I have been working a “real” journalism job.

Still try to do some writing for Beat when I can, and I’m finding that I’m being a little less considered and more enthusiastic in my reviews… which is interesting in a sense… now that “music” isn’t my work, I have a real passion for it at the moment…

Listening to: “In Motion” by Copeland; “Revelations” by Red Jezebel; “From The Sea” by Eskimo Joe; “HUNKY DORY” by David Bowie…

Spending time with: my work; my daughter; my girlfriend; the Big Hoo-Ha impro comedy group; my Robert.

Also, have made friends with a couple of people at work… Noodles, Mata and Steve R.

Life is so different… always tired, but being responsible for the first time in my life has its own rewards, I guess.

DOCTOR WHO! in half an hour…. Fourth Floor Collapse’s going away gig tonight, SW ROTS tomorrow… all good.

Rumours of my becoming a gay icon are “slightly” exaggerated.

Leave a message… I wonder how many of you I’ve lost.

Thanks for the music, but I need a drink

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Well, went to see one of my all time favourite bands last night — Fourth Floor Collapse.

Anyone familiar with any of my older journals will be sick of hearing about them, I’m sure — in fact, I think *this* blog starts with me raving about them!

Anyhoo, no more on how great they are, or how I’d like to marry their manager (her mum owns a bowling alley — what an inheritance!), but a point of interest….

Former leader of the Democrat Party, Andrew Bartlett (now deputy leader) was at the gig and watched intently, less than four metres from the stage, for pretty much the entire gig.

He was about to leave before the final song, but I just had to go and introduce myself… and tell him that I’ve voted Democrat in the last three elections, and that I *want* to continue voting democrat for as long as I *can*… without saying, ‘It’s hard to know what the party is really about anymore’…

I asked him about the Democrat preferences — with particular regard to Family First (over Greens). His answer was that he doesn’t agree that Family First are as far right as people think — especially not when compared to prominent Liberal members like Tony Abbott. (NB: Much as I love a good gag, the day our country is run by Abbott & Costello is the day I kill myself and as many people around me as I can — take *that* ECHELON).

Anyhoo, Family First apparently preferenced the ALP before the Libs, while the Greens put Family First below the Libs, and with the Democrat objective being to stop the Libs taking power, they preferenced FF over Green.

Ray says that this sounds suspiciously like ‘spin’, and of course to a great extent, she’s right, but at least it was an answer that indicated a reason other than the struggle between the Greens and the Dems to hold the balance of power…

I didn’t really want to get into that debate  for this reason: He seems quite depressed — that’d be his inner goth resurfacing, I guess. But more importantly, he just seems deeply unhappy that this country has gone to the Liberal dogs — and as far as I’m concerned, that makes him one of us.

You get it all with

Godspeed us all… huh?

I’ve also learnt how to work to deadline, and I’m hoping to be able to have the opportunity to surprise my former employers with this decidely new aspect to my work ethic.

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Friday, November 19, 2004 at 5:59 pm