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There’s a post here that you can’t see.

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Did you know that you can mark a blog entry ‘private’ so that only you, the author, can read it?

I’m telling you this so you’ll know there are things you don’t (and quite possibly can’t) know.

Also, there’s the off-chance one of the C4Biz Marketeers might be checking up on me, so here’s a few tips. For them. If you’re not them, just come along for the ride…

If you write often, you’ll (probably) write better.
(Yes, I saw that too!)

I’m a big fan of writing often (despite the frequency of public/published posts on this blog).

I’m sure there are people out there who believe bloggers are usually just shouting fervent, self-important declarations into/at the void, but this will not always be the case… especially not in mine.*

Writing isn’t always about “committing” thoughts to paper.

Writing can be a process in which a subject/concept can be teased and tested, questioned and quartered – but there is also a simultaneous internal audit taking place for the writer; all the nebulous thoughts, feelings (biases?) that inspired the desire to write must be corralled into some sort of order before we can begin.

Do this enough, and you may end up appreciate writing as a process, rather than the means by which we make statements.

I like to believe a writer that attempts to understand their own place in the world will be better able to articulate a meaningful position on the subject.

It’s all just triangulation really, innit?

Having made a short story long – editors hate that – I’d encourage anyone, even my Marketeers, to try some ‘invisible’ blogging.

Seriously:it’ going to be huge.

Invisibloggers© will be the new “hipsters”, and I should know; I’ve been doing it since before this batch of hipsters had even been born.

Don’t write to commit your thoughts to paper;
Write to find thoughts worth committing to.






* Cool! You totally noticed that asterisk way back there which indicated… well… not so much an ‘edit’, as musch as an acknowledgement that sometimes I get i:the way of my own flow.

“I’m sure that there are people out there who believe that bloggers are simply shouting fervent declarations into the void, but this will not always be the case… especially not in mine.

Except for those times when I clearly have the right of a situation and none of you do.

Yes, it happens – and it’s not my fault that it happen so very, very frequently. Those times when we are all of us trapped together in a House of Mirrors (not literally) – a state of existence in which Life begins to imitate Comedy (which itself started by caricaturing Life)… endlessly reflecting….

Until I prove definitively that Society is indeed to Blame, only to be reminded by all of you both ironically and definitively that I’m NOT observing Society from some abstract ‘other’ state and thus I too, must acknowledge my complicit involvement; must bear my share of the Blame.

Now, where was I? Oh yes…

Writing isn’t necessarily “committing” your thoughts to paper.


Written by Xab

Sunday, September 4, 2011 at 6:22 am

Wildely inappropriate witticisms…

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You know how I feel about lies…
They’re only to be used offensively, not in self defense.

Everythings fine...

Everything's fine...

Written by Xab

Friday, July 24, 2009 at 5:42 pm

IN CONVERSATION WITH… 2008 (Year in Review)

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081216-2008inreview-tight (Audio)

History will show, ’07 belonged to Kevin
But now we’re in ’08, and its time to contemplate
Did we go from bad to worse — is that trend in reverse?
How did we get from there to here? Take a look back on the year…

If it somehow fell to me to write this year in history
I’d have to note we’re contrary to all the other trends I see

The US sent a black man to the White House
But locally we re-elect The Dormouse
Who’d like some yellow-cake with his tea

Say can you see Kevin went ahead and said sorry
That was back in Februrry, nothing rhymes with February
When you say it propruary — next step was voluntary
When he signed the Kyoto Treaty, greenies thought he was the bee’s knees

When I’m writing history, I’ll give out what I get
Yesterday Kev pissed upon carbon reduction targets

In May we had a $20 billion surplus
And signs of an impending credit crisis
Now our banks are all guaranteed
Next comes the deficit we had to have, you’ll see…

Olympic Games? The Chinese apple of the media’s eye
Unless they want to televise, or get the news up on the net
What the hell did you expect, when there’s no democracy
The censors choose what you can see – déjà vu or is that just me?

I’m not rewriting history, just picking out the bits that struck a chord with me
I know not everyone will agree with me

Because the highest rating story of the year, you betcha
Was the death of Heath Ledger, followed by
An update on the death of Heath Ledger
Followed by Should Ricky Ponting lead the cricket team
That was SMH, not me.

IN CONVERSATION WITH… The Darjeeling Limited

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Schwartzman, Brody and Wilson in Darjeeling Limited

Schwartzman, Brody and Wilson in Darjeeling Limited

Wes Anderson is back again with another modern fable
On the existential angst felt by the rich
If you have more money than dreams
It don’t mean like is peachy keen
There’s no escaping it, yeah life’s a bitch.

It’s the story of three brothers looking for their absent mother
On the anniversary of the death of their father
They board a train in India
On a spiritual quest made sillier
By a total inability to trust one another

Get on board Darjeeling Limited – Pay the price that’s ticketed
Bring along your childhood fears – And redefine what family is
Deal with death as you see fit – But never stop to question it
Realise your family ties can fray without saying goodbye

The devil has my sympathy, but then again he’s more like me
Than three spoilt brats pretending to be men
Because of their fraternity their fighting for identities
Beyond ennui, enlightenment or zen…

One is suicidal, another’s living in a dress recital
The third is hiding from the fact the wheel of life will come full cycle
Living in a family, where one and one and one ain’t three
Meanwhile mum is hiding in a Himalayan nunnery…

Get on board Darjeeling Limited – Find out where your mother lives
Stock up on prescription drugs
And keep ‘em in your dead father’s hand luggage
Buy yourself a deadly snake – or spray your brother’s face with mace
Realise your family ties are built upon secrets and lies

Who cares if your family is dysfunctional
It’s not like you’re living ‘Welcome To The Jungle
Backed up by a trust fund, and your mum’s a nun
Better get aboard the Darjeeling

Perhaps I’m a jealous socialist,
Who cares about neuroses in the filthy rich?
But now I’ve got that off my chest
I’ll say this film portrays it best
Darjeeling is a cup of tea
With Wilson, Schwartzman and Brody…

And though I tried both hard and long, to get another bit into this song
It’s just too fucking hard to find something that rhymes with Schwartzman…
(I might have had a couple more goes if he’d been a proper Coppola)

Get on board Darjeeling Limited – Pay the price that’s ticketed
It’s a journey of discovery – Of the self beyond the ‘me’
And though I hated Tannenbaums and never fear that I am wrong
Darjeeling Limited’s the ride for me….

Debating – Life is a Cabaret

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Current Music: Still no music… hey, it’s only been a couple of minutes.
Current Mood: bouncy

A friend of mine is preparing for a debate tomorrow, the proposition being; CABARET IS THE NEW ROCK AND ROLL. She asked for my thoughts on the subject, and I hope she won’t mind if I repeat them here…

Well, she shouldn’t. I don’t think she knows this place exists.


Cabaret is the new rock and roll? I’m assuming you’re meant to be arguing the affirmative… I don’t know that I have anything funny, but I can always shoot you some ideas, which you may be able to riff from.

Actually, one of my first public experiences of being funny is when I was involved in the debate; Film Is The New Rock And Roll…

I was on the negative team with two rock’n’rollers, both of the opinion that only rock can rock…

I took a slightly different view — namely that rock was quite often stupid, unable to properly explore themes with any real sophistication etc, and thus any real lover of film would be unable to claim film as the new rock and roll and still have any respect for the medium…

It’s less funny written down… I got a great deal of laughs, applause and support for my efforts, with the added bonus of being able to publicly rip my old boss to shreds (she was arguing the affirmative)…

But let’s see…

The rock and roll of yesteryear was built on the premise of melody and entertainment, largely based on themes about love or teen rebellion; purposefully designed for dancing, with many songs creating their own dance numbers to accompany them.

Modern rock is built on the premise of hero worship, while the heroes themselves are introverts who often hate themselves more (but no less importantly) than the world that shaped and created them. Their music reflects this by torturing the melodic basis of the song (Trent Reznor, Marilyn Manson, Staind, Korn etc are sort of in the front of my thoughts here) in much the same way that they perceive their own inner artist to be tortured by a world that doesn’t care, and poorly made eyeliner which keeps running down their faces.

In contrast, Cabaret is currently the stronghold for a musical artform where songs are made for dancing that will entertain rather than give everyone concussion, stars are required to be able to sing in tune, generally about their lives, loves, hopes and dreams without inspiring the audience to kill itself in a fit of empathic pique. Thus, by it’s very nature, modern cabaret is the true home of the spirit which originally animated this thing we call rock, so clearly deserves to be recognised as the new rock’n’roll.

Clearly, this is a little too cerebral, but as I said, maybe you can riff something off the theme…

Written by Xab

Friday, February 4, 2005 at 2:07 am


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from Wilkipedia

Nimbo is also a portmanteau of ninja and bimbo, used to describe a class of over-endowed female characters primarily found in comic books.

Examples of nimbos include:

Elektra, created by Frank Miller
Psylocke, in the hands of Jim Lee
Zealot, from Jim Lee’s WildC.A.T.s series
Nimbos are distinguished by their shapely appearance, fondness for highly revealing outfits, and skill with varieties of Asian martial arts and weapons. In some cases, the fighting skills are more exotic, even extraterrestrial in origin.

Written by Xab

Wednesday, November 10, 2004 at 5:00 pm

What is blogging anyway?

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I started keeping a diary long before the internet was around… and goddammit if people didn’t read that too…

I’m always deeply suspicious of myself when I stop keeping a journal… when I look at my old diaries it is almost invariable when I was at my most deviant that I stopped keeping a journal… so as not to incriminate myself? No. So I didn’t have to answer to myself, then or later…. what a bizarre hope.

Almost as bizarre as the idea that a diary is kept for others to read when you’re gone…

Of course, the good old internet thingamajiggamy has changed all that, hasn’t it?

We don’t even have to wait till we’re dead or are partners curiousity oversteps the bounds of decency before it’s all out there, hanging on the breeze like undies on a hills hoist….

Hoist on our own petards….

All of which is to say that this is not *exactly* the case right now.

Unless it is the fact that I feel like I really am doing nothing at all that I don’t want to think about.

The days are fine… but ever since Perth

“God, I could be bounded in a nut shell and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams”


more later.

My promise to all you AnneFrankensteiners.

Written by Xab

Tuesday, September 14, 2004 at 4:24 pm