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There’s a post here that you can’t see.

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Did you know that you can mark a blog entry ‘private’ so that only you, the author, can read it?

I’m telling you this so you’ll know there are things you don’t (and quite possibly can’t) know.

Also, there’s the off-chance one of the C4Biz Marketeers might be checking up on me, so here’s a few tips. For them. If you’re not them, just come along for the ride…

If you write often, you’ll (probably) write better.
(Yes, I saw that too!)

I’m a big fan of writing often (despite the frequency of public/published posts on this blog).

I’m sure there are people out there who believe bloggers are usually just shouting fervent, self-important declarations into/at the void, but this will not always be the case… especially not in mine.*

Writing isn’t always about “committing” thoughts to paper.

Writing can be a process in which a subject/concept can be teased and tested, questioned and quartered – but there is also a simultaneous internal audit taking place for the writer; all the nebulous thoughts, feelings (biases?) that inspired the desire to write must be corralled into some sort of order before we can begin.

Do this enough, and you may end up appreciate writing as a process, rather than the means by which we make statements.

I like to believe a writer that attempts to understand their own place in the world will be better able to articulate a meaningful position on the subject.

It’s all just triangulation really, innit?

Having made a short story long – editors hate that – I’d encourage anyone, even my Marketeers, to try some ‘invisible’ blogging.

Seriously:it’ going to be huge.

Invisibloggers© will be the new “hipsters”, and I should know; I’ve been doing it since before this batch of hipsters had even been born.

Don’t write to commit your thoughts to paper;
Write to find thoughts worth committing to.






* Cool! You totally noticed that asterisk way back there which indicated… well… not so much an ‘edit’, as musch as an acknowledgement that sometimes I get i:the way of my own flow.

“I’m sure that there are people out there who believe that bloggers are simply shouting fervent declarations into the void, but this will not always be the case… especially not in mine.

Except for those times when I clearly have the right of a situation and none of you do.

Yes, it happens – and it’s not my fault that it happen so very, very frequently. Those times when we are all of us trapped together in a House of Mirrors (not literally) – a state of existence in which Life begins to imitate Comedy (which itself started by caricaturing Life)… endlessly reflecting….

Until I prove definitively that Society is indeed to Blame, only to be reminded by all of you both ironically and definitively that I’m NOT observing Society from some abstract ‘other’ state and thus I too, must acknowledge my complicit involvement; must bear my share of the Blame.

Now, where was I? Oh yes…

Writing isn’t necessarily “committing” your thoughts to paper.

Written by Xab

Sunday, September 4, 2011 at 6:22 am

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