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Introducing CoolShite West Sai-ede

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Hi everyone, it’s time to reveal the reason why In Conversation With… has been a little quiet lately.

I’ve been working on assembling a team of West Coast movie reviewers to join the brilliant folk at (Cool) Shite on the Tube.

After gruelling months of trying to snatch pebbles from my hand, the CoolShite West Sai-ede team consists of West Coast comedian John Robertson, community radio’s Funky Films presenter Lewis Sutton, uber-film nazi and walking imdb Travis Johnson and of course, myself…. I was obviously best at catching pebbles from my own hand. Mind you, I had to get the pebbles from ur-Shiter Bruce Moyle, and that was no easy feat.

Our first casts are up as follows…

Movie Poster - Daybreakers


…and the remake of…


Now, get to it…

Also on (Cool) Shite on the Tube, welcome Good Game’s Hex as she takes a look at the new not-quite-a-superhero-flick, Kick-Ass.


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