In Conversation with… Sabian Wilde

Marketing Lecturer. Writer. Music Bod. Claims to have coined 'Perthonality'


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Don’t leave me hanging
No chance of happy endings
Imagine the scene
The death of David Carradine

Was he trying to rub one out or tie one on?
Either way, it all went wrong
Grasshopper has come and gone
But then again, maybe he’s just gone

Now here’s a random thought;
The French call orgasm ‘la petite mort’
In English that means ‘little death’
Try telling that to Michael Hutchence

Carradine was not the first
But at 72, it seems a little worse
Nothing like the humiliation
Of death by auto-erotic asphyxiation

Except for trying to tell your Mum what it is and how it works
While watching your nephew celebrate the two years since his birth

Happy 2nd Birthday Maxie!

There’s a time and place for everything
A hotel wardrobe was the place for Carradine
His hourglass is out of and
And that’s not a pebble in his hand

At least he’s out of the closet now
And on the internet – he would have been proud
Celebrity ain’t that much fun
When your private life comes undone


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