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Christmas Legends (Audio)

Once more it’s time to think upon the year that you’ve just had
It’s possible that you’ve been good more likely you’ve been bad
So ask yourself now who’s the man that should judge all of us?
Children will say Santa Claus or maybe Father Christmas

Well not me – for if I must be judged, I will choose the prince of peace
That preacher of forgiveness, I’ll choose Jesus

Jesus doesn’t hide most of the year at the North Pole
Jesus never broke into my house to give me coal
People still believe in Jesus after they grow old
And Jesus never promised me a thing except my soul

And I believe — that if there is a hell
Santa Claus can burn in there for the bike I didn’t get when I was twelve

Why are there twelve days of Christmas, when they don’t mean a thing?
Santa’s just a symbol of our growing gross consumerism
Hope it’s not spreading, but I won’t be at a loss
If one day there are twelve Playstations of the Cross

You might detect I’m blasphemous and unafraid to sin,
But Jesus doesn’t care if I do not believe in him
But Santa’s presents stop as soon as you catch on to him.
He’s spiteful and judgmental and he’s always spying in

So I believe that if I must be judged, I’d prefer the Son of God,
The God Sun that appears on the day called Christmas.

Written by Xab

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 at 12:01 am

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