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IN CONVERSATION WITH… Lin Liu and Yang Yang the Angry Panda

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The Author

The Author

Lin Liu and Yang Yang the Angry Panda (Audio)

This week on ‘Things That I Learned From The News’,
Sometimes a friendly cuddle can become abuse.
Just ask Chinese student, Lin Liu
Whose naive need for intimacy
Ended up in international news

Lin Liu and Yang Yang; not starcrossed lovers
But a human and a panda in a spot of interspecies bother
Lin Liu thought, ‘Hell you’re cute! I’m coming in your cage”
But Yang Yang thought, “The hell with that!” and flew into a violent panda rage.

You might think a panda is a safe subject
For all your anthropomorphic
Desire for love that’s black and white

Pandas are omnivorous
There’s easier ways to learn all this
Than jumping into Yang Yang’s cage
He may be cute, but he likes to fight

This week in things that I learned from the news
Panda attacks don’t simply come in ones or twos
Aggro-panda happens all the time
Think I’m spouting propaganda?
Ask yourself now, why all those black eyes?

Lin Liu and Yang Yang, not isolated
There’s a girl from Melbourne just last week that had to be sedated
When she let a Panda lick her hand, it liked the taste we understand
By the way it calmly tried to take a bite
So much for cute and cuddly
Furry ball of love in black and white…

Aggropanda victim

Aggropanda victim


Written by Xab

Monday, December 1, 2008 at 11:15 pm

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