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Two Races (Audio)

Well by this time* tomorrow, it will still be today
In that bastion of democracy they call the USA
Today they’ll choose the Leader
Of the Free World, so they say
When the voting starts tomorrow in the USA’s today

We know it must be Barack or McCain
Republicans and Democrats both swear
It can’t be rigged again

The absent votes are flooding in
Like New Orleans in a Hurricane
At last count all the absent votes
Tallied up to 27 million

Because the thing about democracy
In the USA it’s voluntary
So 27 million votes before the day
Is extraordinary

More than our whole population
Off their ass, participatin’
Could be the race card’s motivating
While the Melbourne Cup stops our whole nation

I’ll blame Phar Lap, I’ll blame JFK
For the really awful thought
That I’m afraid I had today
Winning doesn’t really help
When they shoot more than horses, don’t they?

Don’t matter if it’s Barack or McCain
I’m pretty sure that either way
That history will be made today

Cause I know the guy who dopes the horses up
I’ve got the inside running
On the Winner of the Melbourne Cup

They shoot horses, don't they?

In a constitutionally armed democracy, winning isn't always enough.

*’this time’ is 7.15am, November 4, 2008 (+8.00 GMT)


Written by Xab

Tuesday, November 4, 2008 at 12:01 am

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