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Marketing Lecturer. Writer. Music Bod. Claims to have coined 'Perthonality'


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I’ve been contemplating genre-cide
Cause I haven’t won a WAMI in a while
On the periphery of the local music industry
But the WAM song contest has taken out my category

Yes my genre is gone, now I can’t even enter
They threw out that class like an unwanted placenta
It was my time
To win a WAMi with a comedy couplet rhyme

I keep the memory of my WAMis close to my heart
Would have kept the prizes but the cakes, they tend to rot
I used to judge that comp, I used to be an arbiter of style
Listened to 300 tapes and would rarely crack a smile

But now my genre is gone, thought I had a chance this year
Cause Tim Minchin and Andrew Horabin, well, they don’t even live here
It was my time
To win a WAMi with a comedy couplet rhyme

So I guess the timing of this song tells you a little bit more about me
Which is more in keeping with the original version of this song
Well, not the Nick Cave version, this is the one by the Screaming Jets
The timing of this song is based on the other guys’ success which tells you

I got no spine….
But I can whine…


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