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IN CONVERSATION WITH… Charlie Wilsons’ War

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Former US Senator, Charles Wilson (Texas)

Former US Congressman, Charles Wilson (Texas)

It’s strange that they should call this Charlie Wilson’s War
When Charlie Wilson never fired a shot
A US Southern Congressman
Who tried to fix Afghanistan
With Bob the Builder’s attitude
And guns that cost a lot

It’s a movie adaptation of a book that’s based on facts
Who needs corroboration when the star is Tom Hanks?
His personal integrity
And pride in modern history
Was seen in Forrest Gump,
Yes in Gump we trust and Hanks we can believe

There was a time when a Moslem with a gun
Was really a covert symbol of US freedom
Cause if your cause is just and right
Depends on who is in your sights
Moslems killing Commies
Never kept anyone up at night

This is the story of the end of the Cold War
As planned by mavericks in the CIA
Who suddenly got funding
When the Congressman was humping
A Southern socialite who thought that God had found a way to sieze the day

To kill a Commie in the Cold War you need a Russian gun
Fired by the Mujahideen, so noone suspects anyone
The US had the money, the Afghans got the glory
The Russians got their butts kicked but it isn’t end of story

Charlie Wilson bought the guns, but he couldn’t fix it
When a covert war is won you can’t expect much credit
So now Afghans are armed and free, living in war-torn poverty
While the US turns its back and celebrates its Cold War victory

There may not be a moral, but there sure is a lesson
Funding Moslems to kill commies gets the Christian girls undressing

Written by Xab

Tuesday, February 26, 2008 at 8:16 am

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