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What do *you* think it is?

What do *you* think it is?

Imagine you’re a boy, in the US in the fifties
Escaping suburbia by going to university
Your carefully chosen subject is exploring creativity
When you enter a hellish realm where the overlords appear to be

In the foyer there’s a pillar made of plaster and pretext
It’s the base of a modern sculpture that does not even exist
A card that reads H Dodd says that the work is merely an extension
Of the artist and materials used are bags of pretension

And now the boy has to know
Who the hell is H. Dodd — And how far does this art thing go?

Signing up for Drawing 101 is kinda easy
In the class he meets the elfin dilettante Himillsy
Yes she is H. Dodd and at first their friendship’s flimsy
But when they try graphic design that’s the end of the whimsy

Every boy like me loves a girl like Himillsy
Intelligent and unstable, but mostly unattainable
So here we have the premise of an art and life awakening
But really it’s a pretext for the gifts that the Cheese Monkeys bring

It’s a book and it’s an object written and designed by Chip Kidd
Who illustrates book covers for some very famous authors
Put this book upon its side, you’ll see it’s better by design
There are hidden messages on the reverse of its spine

It’s a novel and an idea that gives insight to a craft
A manic teacher shows the difference between good design and art
The students wail and crumble, the reader sometimes stumbles
Is it a lesson or a romance or just none of the above

Look at what this Chip Kidd did, he’s written out his own wish list
And made himself a novel that is drawing wide acclaim
The execution’s clever and the point’s as clear as ever
That great design lets cheese monkeys take over your brain

The purpose of design is to put an impulse in your mind
One that wasn’t there before and may have entered through a back door
That’s the strength of propaganda, don’t believe me have a gander
Double check what you believe after you’ve read the Cheese Monkeys..

In the end the purpose of this book is that the reader likes it
That’s not cynical or underhand but so I’m understood
I’d say that upon reflection that the power of suggestion
Made me think that it was great, when really it is simply just quite good.

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