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IN CONVERSATION WITH… Keating! The Musical

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Extra points for being super po-mo [post-modern, that is] with this one. A musical review of a musical. Oh… and some politics…

(To the tune of Waltzing Matilda)

Once a song and dance man camped it up for Canberra
Writing a musical called Keating!
Now that show’s on the road and playing in Subiaco
You’ll come watch Keating, watch Keating with me.

‘No child in poverty!’ sings a drunken Hawkey
While dapper Keating waits in the wings
When he starts to solo, all your reservations go
As you watch Keating, watch Keating with me.

Michael McLeish plays Keating – commander and chief
With such panache that he makes the ladies swoon
If he’d been the PM, touching up the Queen’s bum
She’d make us a republic, from his private rooms…

Nineties politics, scumbags and dirty tricks
You’ll come watch Keating, watch Keating with me.
Bring back the times when our pollies had more character
You’ll come watch Keating, watch Keating with me.

Labor gets the characters, faux pas and the odd affair
While the Liberals stumble as caricatures
Howard is a seedy dwarf; Hewson is a rapper, yo!
Then check out Downer in bondage couture

Casey Bennetto swings to the left of
Policy values, when he writes
But he plays it traditional when he takes on musicals
The dialogue is all in verse, every single line.

Full of catchphrases that capture the ages
Of Keating in power at the arse end of the world
How he thought we’d be great if we owned up to our own mistakes
Worked for a smarter future in answer to his call

This is a story focussed on the glory
Of the man Paul and his plan for us all
How he thought it was best if we tested our intelligence
Turns out Australia didn’t like that at all

Nineties politics… etc….


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