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IN CONVERSATION WITH… The Darjeeling Limited

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Schwartzman, Brody and Wilson in Darjeeling Limited

Schwartzman, Brody and Wilson in Darjeeling Limited

Wes Anderson is back again with another modern fable
On the existential angst felt by the rich
If you have more money than dreams
It don’t mean like is peachy keen
There’s no escaping it, yeah life’s a bitch.

It’s the story of three brothers looking for their absent mother
On the anniversary of the death of their father
They board a train in India
On a spiritual quest made sillier
By a total inability to trust one another

Get on board Darjeeling Limited – Pay the price that’s ticketed
Bring along your childhood fears – And redefine what family is
Deal with death as you see fit – But never stop to question it
Realise your family ties can fray without saying goodbye

The devil has my sympathy, but then again he’s more like me
Than three spoilt brats pretending to be men
Because of their fraternity their fighting for identities
Beyond ennui, enlightenment or zen…

One is suicidal, another’s living in a dress recital
The third is hiding from the fact the wheel of life will come full cycle
Living in a family, where one and one and one ain’t three
Meanwhile mum is hiding in a Himalayan nunnery…

Get on board Darjeeling Limited – Find out where your mother lives
Stock up on prescription drugs
And keep ‘em in your dead father’s hand luggage
Buy yourself a deadly snake – or spray your brother’s face with mace
Realise your family ties are built upon secrets and lies

Who cares if your family is dysfunctional
It’s not like you’re living ‘Welcome To The Jungle
Backed up by a trust fund, and your mum’s a nun
Better get aboard the Darjeeling

Perhaps I’m a jealous socialist,
Who cares about neuroses in the filthy rich?
But now I’ve got that off my chest
I’ll say this film portrays it best
Darjeeling is a cup of tea
With Wilson, Schwartzman and Brody…

And though I tried both hard and long, to get another bit into this song
It’s just too fucking hard to find something that rhymes with Schwartzman…
(I might have had a couple more goes if he’d been a proper Coppola)

Get on board Darjeeling Limited – Pay the price that’s ticketed
It’s a journey of discovery – Of the self beyond the ‘me’
And though I hated Tannenbaums and never fear that I am wrong
Darjeeling Limited’s the ride for me….

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