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This just in from the PM’s office…

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John Howard spoke to the media today in a ‘doorstop interview’ at the DoD Russell Offices in Canberra.

When asked if he accepted that there are some unscrupulous employers taking advantage of the new industrial relations laws, Howard replied:

“There are bad employers and bad employees no matter what industrial relations system you have. And all the industrial regulation in the world can’t get rid of those employers who are determined to behave in an unscrupulous fashion any more than all the changes in the world can prevent some people not doing the right thing by their boss.”

In another move that shows (sadly) what a polished politician he has become, Howard has framed his personal views from last week into the ‘voice of the people’…

“Mr Beazley made a huge mistake in pledging to get rid of AWAs. It was seen by the Australian public as Mr Beazley being bullied by the unions. People don’t want their political leaders bullied by the unions,” Howard said today.

The sad thing about this is that even when he appears to manipulate the facts so obviously, the fact is he’s getting away with it… and it’s not just because he has the numbers… he has the numbers because he’s turned into a formidable politician, the likes of which the Labor Party hasn’t been able to produce (at a federal level) for some time.

God help us all…

Written by Xab

Monday, June 19, 2006 at 5:48 am

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