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Not quite over the flu, but back on the radio this morning with this week’s song… during which I learnt that is acceptable to steal away hard-earned rights, but not acceptable to steal people’s right to dream of negotiating work conditions that don’t screw them over.

I also learnt that there’s nothing very funny about this topic, unless you include taking a second job to get some DP action…

Anyhoo…. here it is…


I’m feeling aspirational
No I’m not desperate, not at all
I’m going to earn more wealth
By giving up my rights and health

Kim Beazley wants to steal my dreams
The unions aren’t what they seem
They want to screw the workers
Even more than the employers

Oh — that’s what John Howard says
Oh — Let’s pretend that it makes sense

I can earn more if I raise my productivity
So I guess I’ll kiss goodbye the 40 hour working week
My boss says I’m Mr Nice and thanks me for my sacrifice

But he can’t pay me penalties ‘cause I’m on a fixed salary
The one on which we both agreed
But it looks good on my CV… It looks good
On my CV

I gave up my sick days for more money for when I’m sick
I gave up my days in lieu so my boss can see I’m ‘up for it’
And I’ll give up my union dues ’cause my boss says he won’t abuse

The power that he’ll have over me
We’ll negotiate accordingly
I said ‘How about it boss?’
He says I get to keep my job…
He says I get to keep my job

All the work I did for free is now expected on that salary
If I don’t want to do it there’s always someone to come after me
So even though the joke’s on me it’s hard to see the comedy…

I’m feeling aspirational… [Chorus]

I aspire to have a job that suits my natural talents
My mind is quite trivial and so is my bank balance…

I’m feeling aspirational: no I’m not desperate, not at all
I’m pushing shit uphill like the Socceroos playing Brazil…

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