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IN CONVERSATION WITH… The Twelve Notes of Plagiarism

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I wrote a song last year
Very similar to one you can hear
When you’re listening to the radio
Or watching music video shows…

My song discussed the role of quantum physics
And how you can change something just by looking at it
Their song, its about a cold hearted bitch
And how much they miss her silicone tits

You may think I sound bitter,
And I can see how
But I wish that they had heard my song…
So I could sue them now.

But there are only twelve notes in the whole of the western
Musical universe though some cultures have more
You might hear more at gigs, but I’m afraid that it’s sadly
Due to lazy rock stars tuning their guitars badly

Their song is screaming up the charts
Making money, breaking hearts
But I’ll get mine, yeah you will see
With an album based on chemistry…

Because no matter how I look at them
I can’t change a single thing
So I’ve thrown my physics in the bin
And prepared a batch of fresh sarin…

Yeah, that’s right — it’s a toxic nerve gas,
You betcha, I’m going to their show…

Because I wrote a song last year…

Incidentally, it wasn’t until I’d written his song that I realised it had exactly the same chord progression as ‘Vincent’, or ‘Starry, Starry Night…’ If you prefer… and about a thousand other songs.



Written by Xab

Wednesday, May 31, 2006 at 5:34 am

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