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I quite like what Mr Peter Barr had to say about my comedy-acoustic song for the now-regular “In Conversation With Sabian Wilde” early Monday morning segment.

From Breakfast With Barr

Monday 30 January 2006
Sabian Wilde sang an early song about the early days of Sabian Wilde. Man, he was one whacked-out kid.
So, not much change, only taller.
He’s worth getting up early for, trust me.

I’ve done four songs this year, one a week!

I’m thinking about podcasting them… Ratty, wanna help me sort it out?

Anyhoo… the lyrics to the song are as follows…


(dedicated to Geoff Gallop & Andrew Bartlett)

I must confess, I still get depressed
But at least I’m not a teenager
I’ve given up goth, and my politics of wrath
Traded it in to be a wage whore

No more angst poetry, I’ll choose a simple life that’s good for me
I’ll leave solving life’s mysteries to the feral kids chained up to the trees
Using civil disobedience to piss off the police

It’s not that I’m all grown up, It’s not that I’m mature
It’s just that I’ve forgotten all the lyrics to The Cure
I used to read about the world, And it’s slow demise
But now I write those stories, And I’m getting my bylines…

I still get upset, and I talk like I have Tourettes
I still think the world is vicious and cruel
I haven’t much faith, in the rest of the human race
But I never made things better as an angry young man breaking all of the rules.

No more angst poetry, I’ll choose a simple life that’s good for me
I’ve given up on mysteries, like angels and demons and Liberal MPs
And how to achieve something that resembles world peace…

It’s not that I’m not angry, it’s just that I’m not sure
How being angry all the time is supposed to stop a war
And singing, ‘No-one understands!’ will never set me free
But the world’s a better place, now I don’t write goth poetry.


Written by Xab

Tuesday, January 31, 2006 at 4:18 am

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