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Late for my own birthday

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Had to happen eventually, I guess….

What a goddam great day!

I got up early to do some work Automation Industry News at about 7.30am, but Ray soon interrupted me with my first present for the day… and what a corker….

Ray had been organising things with my friends around the country for about a month, and they all chipped in to buy me a Maton acoustic guitar… picture me speechless. Ray says it looked like I was going to cry, and I’m betting she wasn’t too far wrong…

Sonya, Harry, Paddy, Jan, Aiveen (mah sis), Rob, Kaz, Craig, Ann & Honor (mah bubble), Fi, Andy, Ratty, Mim and mah folks… THANKYOU!

Special thanks to Craig for resurrecting the idea and Ray for her perfect implementation of it.

And here’s me thinking I’m getting the Harry Potter book just because it came out on my birthday…

After I got some work done, we headed out to Little Creatures, to meet up with a whole bunch of folk who were kind enough to help me celebrate: Domenico (wuv you), Karen, Brett, Dino, fam and Mike, Mata, Marcus, the ever faithful Cragio, Alia (wuv) and her daughter Chili! Thanks again!

Happy Birthday to Me.
Happy Birthday to Me.

To all of my friends who were far away, my thoughts went out to you all throughout the day.

A short break, then on to Domenico’s house to try out the new guitar properly and rehearse for our gig next month — yep, it’s happening again, except this time it’s a comedy/acoustic gig, so it’ll be fine if I fuck up, as long as I can keep on smiling as I work my way through it.

From Dom’s on to help Matty G celebrate his 30th at The Flying Scotsman — he got a Wiggles electric toy guitar, but not from me.

And then Ray pulls another fast one… from out of nowhere, my dear beloved Randall has arrived, all fucked up from the flight over from Melbourne to help celebrate! To make it even more poignant, he has brought me a bright red ukulele from his recent trip to Hawaii… he’s pretty spaced out, and Ray and I are pretty far gone — it’s been a long day, but it’s not over yet — Eliza and her friend/housemate Jo have turned up (YAY!), but they’re not up for the next bit, which is just as well, because…


Thanks to the absolutely unique Rodney Aravera for helping me get in and for playing a dynamite show…

Ran into heaps of crew, including Rod’s beautiful Isobel, who gave Ray advice on getting a guitar!

The Amps was absolutely packed… haven’t seen it like that before — I think it’s because they’ve got an extended license because they’ve opened up the back area, which in events like this means there’s twice as many people packed into the old space… turning the moshpit into a frot-pit. Not that I really got to indulge…

Also ran into the super-duper Robbo, having his final fling before heading off to north-west Europe in search of his back-packer lover… neat!

End up dragging Robbo, Randall, Ray and a guy whose name didn’t start with ‘R’ back to Freo safely, where we have to drop Randall back at home so he can pass out safely, and then (it’s about 1.30am now) then we head out to a party at the place where I first met Alia — her old house!

It’s a traditional Freo party, so most of the usual suspects are there, although it feels kind of strange to be in a place where I have been so many times before and only know a small number of people… Rom is around, but I can’t find Alia (with good reason, I later discover :P), hanging out with Domenico and Dave Weber while Ray hangs out with her friends but even we have to concede we’re winding down by about 3.45am so we head back home for relaxo time…

Of course, I’m still awake when Randall gets up, ready for another big day with his ol’ pal Sabo… so…

Like I’d do that to you… this post is too long already.

Thanks to everyone who was a part of it… it really was one of the greatest days of my life.

HALFWAY TO 64… Will I be able to sing The Beatles then? Well, if I’m still around, I’m sure I’ll try…. alone in my bunker, having pressed ‘the button’ that destroys you all!

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