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Well, I think I’ve done the few people that come here a dis-service by not updating regularly, and in particular, for not posting yesterday.


It didn’t start out promising — I had to go to an appointment with my Job Network Provider to meet my new specialised service agent, or whatever he’s called.

I got put on specialised support about two weeks ago, which had resulted in three appointments, no outcomes, and then the pleasure of having my support agent/officer changed on me before the first one had even had the opportunity to help me.

Earlier this week, I got rung up to make an appointment to meet my new agent/rep/whatever, and he sort of pushed me into Wednesday morning.

On Monday, I was returning from another job interview and stopped by to reschedule the Wednesday appointment because I’ve been attending ‘Parent Training’ in order to assist my daughter’s therapy… so I meet this new guy Garth and reschedule for Thursday.

While I’m at parent training on Wednesday, I miss a call from Garth, who’s warning me how serious it is for me not to have turned up for my Wednesday appointment, and how I can be breached… fucking typical — so I put it on top of my things to complain about when I get to the proper appointment on Thursday….

So, yesterday morning, I walk into the Job Network provider, only to be told that Garth isn’t in the office, and if I could just wait ten minutes, I’ll see another agent, Carol, who I’ve already met.

Thirty minutes later, I get really pissed off, go over to the counter, explain about Garth’s fuck up with the appointment times and ask what good it’s going to do for me to speak to Carol, as I know the only reason I’m there is to meet Garth…

They do a little bit of checking, and goddamit, whaddyaknow, I’m right (surprise!), so they reschedule my appointment for next Thursday, but not before trying to nail me down for another Wednesday appointment, despite the multiple notes on the system saying that I’m at parent training that day…. they really are masters of inadvertent head-fuckery…. I call it inadvertent because I don’t think they’re smart enough to work out the consequences of their actions.

Fuming, I stalk out of the building, and head to my mate’s record store, but I’m interrupted by a phone call telling me that I’VE GOT A JOB! A REAL ONE, WITH A REAL FUCKING SALARY!


I go into my mate’s record store and start explaining about how I’m now a deputy editor, in charge of creating a daily bulletin on automation and robotics for the heavy industry sector and I can hardly believe what I’m saying….

Then the phone rings again….  I start rehearsals with the local impro comedy group on Monday week…

Woop, woop, fucking-A woop!

Then I head out to a sort of informal meeting I have with the station manager of RTR, who used to be a rival of mine when we were both respectively editors of enemy magazines, but we seem to have been getting along well when our paths have crossed since I got back to Perth. In fact, he’s been really friendly, and I’ve appreciated it.

So, I take a tour of the new facility and then we’re back in his office, talking about the future of the station, and what role I might like to play in that… there are some really cool things about to happen at RTR, including the LONG OVERDUE introduction of a two-hour program dedicated to locally made ELECTRONICA!

Having said that, the longstanding local music show, HOMEGROWN, has been suffering in the past few years – a decline that started with a timeslot change while I was that programme’s coordinator… next thing, we’re talking about if I’d like to rejoin the team when the restructuring starts…

Yep, I may well be back on the airwaves…


Life is good.

So of course, I got drunk, rented AVP and ate the most ridiculously intense red curry I’ve had in years…

Written by Xab

Friday, March 4, 2005 at 2:24 am

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