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Well, went to see one of my all time favourite bands last night — Fourth Floor Collapse.

Anyone familiar with any of my older journals will be sick of hearing about them, I’m sure — in fact, I think *this* blog starts with me raving about them!

Anyhoo, no more on how great they are, or how I’d like to marry their manager (her mum owns a bowling alley — what an inheritance!), but a point of interest….

Former leader of the Democrat Party, Andrew Bartlett (now deputy leader) was at the gig and watched intently, less than four metres from the stage, for pretty much the entire gig.

He was about to leave before the final song, but I just had to go and introduce myself… and tell him that I’ve voted Democrat in the last three elections, and that I *want* to continue voting democrat for as long as I *can*… without saying, ‘It’s hard to know what the party is really about anymore’…

I asked him about the Democrat preferences — with particular regard to Family First (over Greens). His answer was that he doesn’t agree that Family First are as far right as people think — especially not when compared to prominent Liberal members like Tony Abbott. (NB: Much as I love a good gag, the day our country is run by Abbott & Costello is the day I kill myself and as many people around me as I can — take *that* ECHELON).

Anyhoo, Family First apparently preferenced the ALP before the Libs, while the Greens put Family First below the Libs, and with the Democrat objective being to stop the Libs taking power, they preferenced FF over Green.

Ray says that this sounds suspiciously like ‘spin’, and of course to a great extent, she’s right, but at least it was an answer that indicated a reason other than the struggle between the Greens and the Dems to hold the balance of power…

I didn’t really want to get into that debate  for this reason: He seems quite depressed — that’d be his inner goth resurfacing, I guess. But more importantly, he just seems deeply unhappy that this country has gone to the Liberal dogs — and as far as I’m concerned, that makes him one of us.

You get it all with

Godspeed us all… huh?

I’ve also learnt how to work to deadline, and I’m hoping to be able to have the opportunity to surprise my former employers with this decidely new aspect to my work ethic.


Written by Xab

Friday, November 19, 2004 at 5:59 pm

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