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I went to a party over the weekend… on Sunday, Beat magazine had a Writer’s BBQ… It was kind of weird… I’ve been working for/with these people for months now, and I finally meet them, and it’s all… ‘Wow… two weeks, huh?’

They want me to keep writing for them from Perth, which I may do, but certainly not for the money.

Met some good people, a few people trying to do the ‘music journo’ lifestyle thing, which I am now over enough to the point where it doesn’t irritate me at all, but remind me that I was probably a thousand times worse.

I asked for a reference yesterday and my editor said, “sure thing, and yes definitely use me as a reference (not that you need it) – you need me to ring anyone let me know. i’ll sing your praises!”

They seem to think I’m a professional, which is reassuring. I think that despite the lack of money in this part of the country, it’s been really good for me to get back into music journalism and regain some respect and pride in what I am capable of.


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Thursday, November 11, 2004 at 5:14 pm

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