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Birdies and Wales

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I went and saw my friends play a gig at the Prince Of Wales last Friday, where Steve introduced me to Matt Handley (sp?) from Pollyanna, whose been guitar teching for Chris Cheney in the USA with SuperDave… a pretty good gig, Parky played well and was somewhat more self-effacing in solo mode than the usual onstage banter that he and Hugh use to get by…

Anyway, it was also a good chance to see Simon, one of the nicest guys in rock’n’roll, former Freud’s Pillow bassist (where Kav and Joel from Eskimo Joe started out), now playing for Little Birdy.

Simon and I have always gotten along really well, although the days of hanging around the house as he explains the incredible sonic properties of the latest Kyuss album are long, long ago for both of us…

Last time I saw him, he took a look at me and casually remarked that as he got older, he had to make a decision about whether or not to enjoy his food or to stay in shape…. thanks Simon — there may not be an iota of malice in your make-up, but sometimes you’re a scorcher…

This time, he tells me I look like the gay guy from Human Nature, to which I reply, ‘Which one?’

The funny thing is, some producer had told him that *he* looked like one of the members of Human Nature, and I’m thinking it’s the same guy…

God bless you, Simon… and stop calling Katie ‘pizzaface’, she’s supposed to be a sex idol.

My birthday in 2 days…



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